Erotisk horten


Erotisk horten

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Another extremely attractive match and I had to sit on the ground facing each other and holding hands. The challenge is to accept and let go of anything that is blocking us from being fully present. Give and receive with your touch by moving your hands at a pressure and speed that creates a tingling between your hand and your partners skin. When I got home after the event, the first thing I did was hop in the shower, as I had just spent an evening awkwardly embracing 17 random men.   We aim to assist the beings with bringing passion feeling into their lifes by creating the balance between spiritual physical. . Move your heart energy through your hands as you touch. I felt distinctly unrelaxed.

We can choose to expand and prolong pleasure by surrendering deeper into our pleasure but never withholding. In Tantric touch the focus is on ourselves as much as the other. Or we may have been told we have to earn our rewards, or that somehow WE dont deserve pleasure or even that it is better to give than receive. Play with this, and remember where the mind (consciousness) goes the energy follows. The Tantra Institutes co-founder Daka Guy told me that the event came out a need for people to meet outside of technology. In this space more thoughts can arise leading us to a greater awareness of Self, of what is going on under our surface. The boundaries between them can become blurred, the connection deep and expanded. Giving your mind something to focus on stops it from wandering, increasing your level of presence, and ultimately the enjoyment of both giver and receiver. People are not connecting in person as much today as they were before smartphones, Guy said. The receiving is active, the receiver is not passively lying there being touched.

Or we have the desire DO something with the pleasure, to take it to some sort of completion, either orgasm or intercourse. Only then are we  fully present with the other and simply exploring their body rather than trying to control or manipulate. Vary speed, depth, pressure and firmness of each touch, starting with light and slow. We are here to progress. We were sometimes told to compliment each other the recipient had to say thank you after each kind statement or share what gives us joy.

Everyone of us have a power to heal. Participants were encouraged to place jewelry or clothing on the quilt to absorb energy from the event. For more on Tantric Touch click here. The evening, which took place in a big space at the yoga studio, had a distinctly New Age vibe. In Tantric touch we breathe into the sensation of pleasure and enjoy it for what it is and that is all, knowing the pleasure in itself is healing, opening and nurturing in itself. For a start tantric touch is different from others because it involves touch for purely for pleasure.

The same attention is given to each part of your body. This is where the giver senses the receiver wants something and gives or even takes without asking. Pay attention to what your hands do as your palms and tips of your fingers are energy giving centres. The brain picks up more information, energy and healing when a yin stroke is followed by a yang one or vice versa. Welcome to Its Complicated, a week of stories on the sometimes frustrating, sometimes confusing, always engrossing subject of modern relationships. Run energy (or light) from your right hand through your partner into your left hand, then up through your heart and out your right hand, creating a circuit of energy.


Tantric Touch challenges our conditioning around pleasure. Each of the touch modalities has its Yin (soft) and Yang (firm) expression. Our passion is to inspire couples and individuals in blooming and tasting the nectar of life; Love, Intimacy, Compassion, Acceptance, Joy, Aliveness, Authenticity and Communion. Tantric touch can be a deeply healing and loving experience, simply by the very fact that it challenges these parts that we hold in shadow. Tantric touch is often spoken about as if it is something mysterious and special and thats because it really is special! Despite feeling stressed while the event was happening and the occasional flashbacks to attempting to lie down in a strangers lap, it was as if I had just returned from an evening at a spa (for my mind). Always remember it is the brain which experiences the pleasure. Tantric massage is ideal conbination of Tantric, Ayurvedic and Taoist techniques through which you'll be able to experience an unknown. This inclusion brings up even deeper layers of childhood conditioning for healing as mentioned above.

There is more space to feel pleasure, emotion, love, everything because all is welcome. It is a surrender of their mind into their heart, body and soul. This leads to an incredible sense of freedom and heightened states of feeling, connection and awareness. As we exhaled, a booming voice instructed me to move to my left and that it was now my turn to apologize on behalf of all women to the man in front. I found the moments of forced intimacy too stressful to actually feel a romantic connection with anyone, so I didnt end up giving away any of my beads by the end of the night. So the very idea of receiving touch simply for pleasure can bring up any of this subconscious conditioning, leaving us deliciously excited or nervous and embarrassed. While tantric dating may not be for me, perhaps mindfulness could have a place in my life. I was told to place one hand on the front of a mans heart, wrap my other arm around his body to place a hand on the back of his heart, and to send him my energy. Much regular touch is focussed on giving and receiving.

If it feels good to you then it will likely feel good to them. As you touch them invite your partner to breathe in as if they are breathing in from a pool of love just beyond their feet, up through their body and out the top of their head. But after that, I felt surprisingly calm. In an atmosphere of loving awareness, we create a safe space to discover Tantra. If they arent, dont take it personally, just move on to something else. Bring more consciousness into your touch.

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As I stared at the room full of women in dresses and men in slacks, I realized this wasnt going to be the group-meditation session I was expecting. They seek to open themselves to the touch by being in the moment, letting go of thoughts, of tension, resistance and any closedness in their hearts, mind and body. If emotions are felt they are received and honoured as much as pleasure. My first few matches were with men whose eyes I gazed into for prolonged periods of time, or whose hands I held while still staring into their eyes. Moving touch, short strokes, circles, long strokes, spirals, sideway strokes and triangles. There is an exchange of energy. Upcoming event, may 12-14, 2017, Oslo: Empowered Woman w/Sarita.

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So heal, progress, expand! When the flower eiendomsmegler sex tre noen par blooms, the bees come. In fact, I saw plenty of connections being made over the entire two hours men and women gazing at each other, laughing, and thanking each other for the hugs and tenderness. We are here to feel and to be passionate. This washes their whole body with love. Healing is an original humans nature and no one can brake. Once we got started, 34 participants 17 men and 17 women, ranging from those in their early 20s to literal grandparents formed a traditional puja circle and moved counterclockwise through potential matches with improv exercises, communication games, and moments of tantric connection, a PG version.