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Eskortetjeneste trondheim hegra art

eskortetjeneste trondheim hegra art

Culture - Visit Trondheim - English Battle of Hegra Fortress - Wikipedia Visit Hegra Fortress near Trondheim Airport - Radisson Blu Hegra, fortress was a 25-day engagement in the 1940 Norwegian Campaign which saw a small force of Norwegian volunteers fighting numerically superior German forces from a fortified position. Visit Norways, hegra, fortress and discover how events here ignited hope amongst a nation suffering the grips of war. Hegra Fortress - Norway Located in the small village. Hegra in the Stjørdal region of Norway, the.

Trondheim - Visit Norway Hegra, fortress is one of the areas most important historical attractions. Anne Margrethe Strømsheim Hegra, fortress was built from 1908-10 to defend against attacks from Sweden following the dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway in 1905. During the outbreak of World War II, Hegra, fortress was armoured with several canons.

Hegra Festning (Stjordal) - 2018 All You Need to Know Around 280 Norwegian freedom fighters occupied the fortress in April 1940 when the German forces entered Norway. Trondheim has a number of sights that each year are among the most visited in Trøndelag. Eskorte Sex t - Chinesse The Nidarosdomen cathedral is an impressive sight. The cathedral is the national sanctuary of Norway, built over the grave. Work began in 1070, but the oldest parts still in existence date from.


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53 On 4 May, destruction of radios, machine guns, carbines and other small arms was initiated and ski patrols were sent out carrying loads of important documents. 37 Artillery duels, aerial bombing and patrol engagements edit For the remainder of the battle, the Germans did not try to storm the fortress again. 38 39 On 25 April, the Germans employed a new weapon against the fortress when a seaplane dropped a 1,800 kg (4,000 lb) bomb, destroying the houses outside the walls, with shrapnel ending up in Hegra village several kilometres away. 3 By the end of the battle the German forces employed against Hegra Fortress consisted chiefly of one infantry battalion at Hegra and one company of Gebirgsjäger in the nearby village of Sona. By continuing to use our site you agree to our privacy and security policy. 35 Siege edit Some of the Norwegian defenders gathered in one of the fortress' subterranean halls during the siege Evacuation of wounded edit In the evening of 18 April, two Norwegian doctorsSigurd eskortetjeneste trondheim hegra art Aarrestad and Peter Berdalapproached the German commander of the Hegra-Son area and requested. Oldat 1985: : 37 a b Soldat 1985: : 190 a b Soldat 1985: 40 a b Soldat 1985: : 2021 Bibliography edit Arnstad, Johan (1965). 24 Friendly fire incident edit On 14 April, reports came in to the troops stationed at Hegra village stating that a train loaded with German soldiers had left Hell railway station and was on its way to Hegra. She grew up in a family of many children.


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In addition further units were deployed to the village of Elvran and to the Selbu region. 27 German capture of the surrounding area edit Hegra Bridge after the initial fighting Attack on Hegra village edit At 05:30 on 15 April, the Germans attacked the Norwegian positions defending the Hegra railway station, Hegra road bridge and Mælen bridge, supported by artillery fire. 56 At Lundamo, the prisoners were interned in a barn for the night. Mai 1940 (in Norwegian). On 23 April, one of the.5 cm positional guns was knocked out, one of the fortress' command towers was destroyed and the water line was broken.

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At this position, the Norwegians held their ground and inflicted fatalities on the attacking force. The reclaimed supplies were taken partly to the fortress and partly to a number of nearby farms. While Aarrestad led the expedition, Berdal was held hostage by the Germans to ensure that the Norwegians returned from the fortress after finishing their mission. 57 At the end of May the German High Command in Berlin real escorte norge norge eskorte announced that Adolf Hitler had personally ordered the release of Norwegian prisoners of war as an act of recognition of the defence they had put up under difficult conditions. For accurate firing, the effective range was a mere.9 km (4.3 mi as that was the range of the artillery's height angle meter.