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Now, I was really anxious about this, and wanted to get as far away from their early 'pop crap' as possible, so I picked what I knew to be their last recorded album, Abbey Road. Plus there are a couple of real nightmares in "Revolution 9" (clearly created while under the influence of Yoko) and "Helter Skelter" (whose mood is reinforced for anyone who remembers the Manson murders). You Won't See Me, I'm Looking Through You, and especially the groovy The Word (a hard-rock love song? For the most part Beatles has made it an artform nailing that right balance. It's due to this and emotional resonance that I do not give Revolver / Rubber Soul and Sergent Peppers a F. If you don't like.

In my opinion it is the closest the beatles came to being more or less like any other band of that time, in the sense that the 3 singles( help, ticket to ride, yesterday) are hands down better than all the other songs. The "Indian" scenes in Help weren't filmed there (can't remember where, though). I also think they are one of the most consistent band and that in my top 100 albums, The Beatles had the most contribution towards that with 6 albums (you could even argue 7 because I didn't include Past Master Vol. Also, I Love ussr I think the dumbest song they ever produced was Ob-la-di. . All my girlfriends liked them, too. . Personally, though, no-one can convince me that Hello Goodbye and All You Need Is Love are not complete and utter crap. However that is the exception (other exceptions are Hey Jude, oh darling, This Boy etc I do realise they do this but not as much as other bands) from the rule. I refused to believe.

Still, it is the Beatles, which makes it a more than listenablre album, to stay the least. The way I see it, people love to hate them, but they also have no convincing way of discrediting them either. Further proof that the Beatles are the greatest group ever, if you ask me - even the 'cast-aside' and primitive stuff is wonderful. Oh, I guess should have mentioned this earlier, but there are still the standard six covers on this here album, same as on Please. So I got Magical Mystery Tour. One of the greatest band of all time but they are not perfect and they are just one of many equally great rock bands from that era. Y ou may have noticed in my reviews for the early albums that I never mentioned some of the group's more infamous songs, such as She Loves You, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and so forth. Although  "I'm Down" is a much better upgrade of the latter. .


BUT, if I may so, Pepper is the most important experimental album of the era. The music on these things is almost all good. Why, for instance, does he confine a what should be a low part to high notes on "Rain" and "Paperback Writer"? Is there anyway it will get less than a 10 on my overall scale? And with that I close. Abbey Road has its mature feel to it, it's probably their most guitar heavy, it has the suite. But if it had been released as a double album with.

"Wait" is actually a Help! Robert Grazer (m) Since the author of this site has gone ahead and said every single decent thing possible to be said about this album, I will not repeat the words he wrote in his excellent review by praising every song on here. And your little dog, too! Why shouldn't the Beatles make money off of this stuff? It could go on for an hour and I would love.

Ok, so it's not enormously essential for a Beatles fan. Best track: Oh, definitely "I Want You (She's so Heavy)." Perfect song. Most don't sound all that different. What intrigues me, though, is that following this line of reason, The Who Sell Out shouldn't be a concept album, either. According to George Martin, Paul spent many late nights in studio two recording and rerecording his parts until his fingers could work no more. . The only songs that really move me are You Never Give Me Your Money (completely agree on the "step on the gas" moment Oh Darling!, Golden Slumbers, and Something.

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Send me your thoughts m Well I'm not one of those that wants to spew venom on this album, but I will admit to being very anti-hyped about it - in the original incarnation of my site, I actually gave it an 8, and. I liked this album of pop songs more than any other debut but I got to ask you this as a fan of your site. I think you are being unfair to pper by comparing it to MMT. And third, the instrumentation by the quartet is terrific. Daniel penner (m) (05/03/07) Agree completely with your 9(15 as all the beatles albums starting from Soul don't deserve any lower. M (04/25/06) I disagree completely! . They are trying to experiment a bit, but it's mostly falling flat, which brings me to my next point. Pepper's Lonely-Hearts Club Band to my collection. Although I like the latter, anyway, because Ringo delivering the goofy, barely-there lyrics and the chaotic performance make it into a hilarious number (unlike the Stones' cover, which should be titled "You better Let Me BE Your Man!  But what a strange album! Norway xnxx piercing i klitten

Well, you know the drill. Taxman and I Want To Tell You, I adore these songs. Granted, it consists mostly of songs from RS to MMT. First, we have Lennon's attempt at a truly 'universal' anthem, the beautiful Across the Universe. Anybody who has any doubts about whether it's worth it to get into the band's early work simply must give this a listen; one listen could wipe all those doubts away. While I will say it's not overrated in terms of historical importance and the unprecented changes it caused around that time, a few of these songs so much to be desired that the maximum I could ever give this one is. O k, first the bad news. They are THE greatest band of all time. .

Well, I'm sorry, but I just won't be ever to fully understand you. I think it would be beautiful if music and the world in general could get back to this mentality. Raghavan ranganathan (6/15/03) hey John I absolutely agree that Help! The most common argument I get in this day and age is that their music or the Beatles are too old. I think that they were those four guys who thought that having hair one inch longer than your father's is revolutionary. Sure, the version on The White Album is nice, but whereas that comes across as just a slow, mellow protest number, the single version is a menacing, pissed off machine.

The can be great epics, or pointless but excelllent compsitions. Today, I don't often sit down and listen to a Beatles album. They always seem complete and often perfect. Rob da mailman (t) (02/12/05) A funny side note about Frank Sinatra and "Something" - he introduced it one time as his favorite Lennon/McCartney song. It has no point, of course, but it's fun, catchy, and all of that jazz that seems to accompany every song that Paul wrote from about this point onward. The first thing one notices about MMT is that it has been soaked in drugs. In any case, the second is one of Lennon's own songs, the sloppy, very cliched Ask Me Why.

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